Dyson Airwrap (MiniDraw #2)


This is your chance to win 5 ENTRIES into our Dyson Airwrap competition for a fraction of the price!

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Maximum entries per person: 5

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Competition Closed - 10 Tickets Sold

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18+ only. This competition is unaffiliated with Dyson.

If your number is chosen in the live draw but you have answered the question incorrectly, a new winner will be chosen.

You’ll automatically earn 1% of your total spend in site credit to use against future purchases. This credit will be added to your virtual wallet as soon as your transaction is complete.

Ticket Number Date Name
1 2020-12-02 19:21:38 Darren Carter
2 2020-12-02 17:10:27 Steven Holland
3 2020-12-02 18:15:02 Michelle Stokes
4 2020-12-02 17:14:09 Tracey Blaine
5 2020-12-02 19:04:12 Steven Holland
6 2020-12-02 17:10:27 Steven Holland
7 2020-12-02 18:04:42 Mrs. Claire Konarek
8 2020-12-02 17:11:56 Lisa Holland
9 2020-12-02 19:12:41 Holly Ward
10 2020-12-02 18:35:53 Sofala McFarlane